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The SalesWomentoring Story: Our Logo

Updated: Mar 2

The Meaning Behind the Daffodil and the Sun

The SalesWomentoring Community was created as a true labour of love. Every detail of the community has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted to help us achieve the goal we set out to accomplish - to Inspire Women to Succeed at Selling.

Our logo was no exception. We spent a long time thinking about Who We Are as a community, and our logo was designed to reflect that identity. Not just my identity as a founder, but each and every member who joins us and works with us towards our collective goal.

Our logo consists of two main elements: a daffodil standing tall against the sun.

The daffodil represents rebirth, new beginnings, creativity, inspiration, and vitality. It represents our mission to energise and inspire women across the world to succeed at selling.

The sun symbolises energy, strength, power, and rebirth. As the sun nurtures the earth, our mentors nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

Together, the Daffodil and the Sun herald new beginnings.

We believe that Women supporting Women acts as a force multiplier leading to exceptional change. This has the potential to transform the entire ecosystem by nurturing Women leaders, creating new paradigms in gender parity.

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