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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can become a member of the community?
    While we tailor our content and services to women in sales, business owners and solopreneurs, this community is a safe and welcoming place for ALL women!
  • How can I become a member of the community?
    To become a member of our community, simply choose one of our membership plans. Click here to explore our membership plans and join our vibrant community: PLANS & PRICING | SalesWomentoring
  • What are the membership tiers for the community?
    The community offers four membership tiers. Visit our Membership Plans page for a detailed breakdown of what each tier offers to help you make the best choice for your needs and interests. PLANS & PRICING | SalesWomentoring
  • Is there a forum where members can engage in conversations and seek advice from peers?
    Yes, we have a vibrant Whatsapp Community where members engage in insightful conversations, seek advice, and connect with like-minded peers. Join now to be part of the conversation!
  • Are there any opportunities for members to showcase their products or services within the community?
    Our Monthly Virtual Networking Sessions give you an opportunity to showcase your business, products, or services to an engaged audience. This opportunity gives your brand the reach and impact it deserves, facilitating valuable connections in the virtual space. We also offer a brand showcase during our in person PowerNetworking Meets. Send us an email at for more information!
  • What types of sales resources are available to members?
    Experiential Learning: Engage in weekly workshops to enhance your sales skills and knowledge through hands-on experiences. Mentoring Services: Choose from 4 types of mentoring services tailored to your specific requirements, enabling personalised guidance and support. Digital Library: Access our extensive digital library, brimming with articles, podcasts, and videos covering various sales topics for continuous learning. E-books: Get access to e-books containing valuable insights and strategies to sharpen your sales expertise. WhatsApp Mentoring: Benefit from daily sales tips and mentoring delivered directly to our WhatsApp community, facilitating regular learning and growth. Mailers/Newsletters: Stay informed with our regular mailers and newsletters, providing key industry insights and updates to keep you ahead in the sales game. SalesWomentoring Academy: Explore our Sales Certification programs designed for freshers, mid-level sales professionals, and senior executives. These programs offer comprehensive training to elevate your sales career. Social Selling Course: Learn the art of social selling through our specialised course, and learn how to leverage social media platforms effectively for increased sales success. With these diverse resources, our members gain a competitive edge in the sales industry and nurture their professional growth at every career stage.
  • What types of mentoring programs are available for sales professionals & business owners?
    1: PowerMentoring: Our transformative bundle of 4 sessions designed to revamp your sales within just 30 days. 2: BusinessMentoring (for women-owned businesses): We help develop your Sales Roadmap & Strategy to drive success. 3: GroupMentoring: Engage in peer-to-peer learning within a cohort for collective growth and development. 4: SpeedMentoring: Benefit from quick, FREE 20-minute sessions, and take away 3 valuable tips to transform your sales.
  • Are there any success stories or testimonials from women who have benefited from the community's offerings?
    Yes, we have received hundreds of glowing reviews and success stories from satisfied customers on our website and social channels - see if you can spot them all! Discover the real impact our community has made on the lives and careers of women in sales and entrepreneurship. Join us today and be a part of this inspiring journey towards professional growth and success!
  • Can you provide information on any certification or training programs offered by the community to enhance sales skills?
    Visit the SalesWomentoring Academy to check out our Sales Certification programs designed for freshers, mid-level sales professionals, and senior executives. These programs offer comprehensive training to elevate your sales career. Here’s a link to the Academy: ACADEMY | SalesWomentoring
  • What are the qualifications or criteria for becoming a mentor within the community?
    Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor! The criteria for Mentors are : ✅4 hours time availability for Power mentoring in a month ( 1 hour every week) ✅ Active participation in community events ✅Participate in Sales/ leadership related discussions in WA group ✅Be an Ambassador for the community incl updating your profile as Womentor in Social media ✅Engage with members for feedback and new ideas ✅Referrals for new members ✅8+ years experience in Direct Selling / coaching for leadership or personal effectiveness/ Entrepreneurial experience of 2+ years
  • How can I contribute to the community as a volunteer or by sharing my expertise?
    1. Share your knowledge and experience by becoming a mentor to help other members achieve their sales and business goals. 2. Spread the word about our community and its offerings as a brand ambassador, advocating for our mission and values. 3. Host engaging book club sessions where members can discuss and learn from relevant sales and business literature. 4. Take the lead in organising events that foster learning, networking, and collaboration among our community members. 5. Introduce new members to our community and help us expand our network of inspired women in sales and entrepreneurship. To get involved, simply send an email to, expressing your interest and how you would like to contribute. We'll be thrilled to set something up and work together to make a positive impact within our community! 💛
  • How can my business collaborate with SalesWomentoring ?
    To explore collaboration opportunities with SalesWomentoring for your business, follow these simple steps: 1. Visit our website's Contact page. 2. On the Contact page, you will find a "Careers and Partnerships" form. 3. Fill out the form with your relevant information and details about your business and collaboration interests. 4. Submit the form to express your interest in partnering with us. Here's the link to the Contact page: CAREERS & PARTNERSHIPS | SalesWomentoring
  • How frequently are workshops and networking events organised, and how can I stay updated on upcoming ones?
    We organise weekly workshops and host at least one networking event every month. To stay updated on upcoming events, you have several options: 1. We send out a monthly newsletter to our members, providing details of upcoming workshops and networking events. 2. Follow us on our social media channels for regular updates on events, workshops, and community news. 3. Check out our events page regularly to find the latest calendar with all the upcoming workshops and networking events. Here is a link to our events page: EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING | SalesWomentoring
  • How can I connect with other women sales professionals and business owners within the community?
    By joining our WhatsApp community! If you want access to a wider network, our Full Stack VIP Members get access to the member directory.
  • Are there networking opportunities specifically designed for women in sales and entrepreneurs?
    Yes, we do! We offer two types of networking opportunities. 1. PowerNetworking: A series of live, in-person events exclusively tailored for women in sales, business owners, and solopreneurs. It provides a platform to connect, collaborate, and grow together. 2. Monthly Virtual Networking Sessions: Elevate your networking skills while you showcase your business, products, or services to an engaged audience. This opportunity gives your brand the reach and impact it deserves, facilitating valuable connections in the virtual space.
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