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About SalesWomentoring

We are India's First & Only Community Inspiring Women to Succeed at Selling.

Our Purpose is to provide an ecosystem to enable 1 Million Women to ‘Sell with Confidence’

At SalesWomentoring, you get access to a thriving community that:

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Energizes you to succeed at selling

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Inspires you to become more confident and assertive.

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Enables you to learn, collaborate, share and network.

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Nurtures you to get the best, be the best and remain the best!

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Encourages you to speak without fear of judgement or censure.

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Is inclusive, believes in and works towards diversity and equality in the work place.

Hear it from our Founder

Chitra Singh is a Sales Mentor & Inspirer with 3 decades of expertise in leading & scaling high performance Sales teams in some of India's largest Banks like Kotak & ICICI. Chitra is now a Community Nurturer, Keynote Speaker, Blogger and Podcast Host.

She is also National President pf the WICCI Sales and Business Development council and a certified Sales expert with Voila experts

“A few years ago, while attending a high impact business leadership program for Women, I started re-evaluating my career and life goals. I had always felt strongly about Women being financially independent and making their own choices in Life.

My other passion was Sales, in which I had invested 3 decades. I realised that there were still very few Women in Sales leadership roles because of many reasons including the pressure, aggressive competition, family responsibilities, stereotypical advice given to us to choose “traditional” career options. The list is never ending.

​Women hesitate to join Sales roles and the few that do, drop out within 5-10 years due to their inability to navigate the competitive road to the top- hectic travelling, after office networking.

For women entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge is building a consistent pipeline and managing their sales team. For a lot of women, selling seems overwhelming & “tough” with hardly any women role models or mentors to support them.

I decided that “If I wanted to see the change, I should be the change”. Thus, was born – SalesWoMentoring, a community to mentor Women in Sales & Business Owners.

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Grab your FREE Sales Success Roadmap

 In this guide, we will explore the essential components of a well-defined sales process and provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to succeed at selling.

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Learn about our Logo


The daffodil represents rebirth, new beginnings, creativity, inspiration, and vitality.

The sun symbolizes energy, strength, power, and rebirth. Together they herald new beginnings. We believe that Women supporting Women acts as a force multiplier leading to exceptional change. This has the potential to transform the entire ecosystem by nurturing Women leaders, thus creating new paradigms in gender parity.

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Testimonials & Success Stories

Great to see the amazing work you are doing - totally resonate with the motto that sales can be such a divine form of service - a service to take our beautiful work out to others and help them know that we have something to offer that can help them. 🙂


Leadership & Career Coach, Corporate Trainer & Adj. Faculty, IIM-B 

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