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The Power of the CORE: Life and Sales Lessons

Updated: Mar 1

So much has been written and discussed about “the core”.

When it comes to running, you need a strong core.🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

When it comes to ab exercises, you need to build a strong core.

Core exercises train the muscles in your core to work in harmony.

Sales Mentoring Training Coaching

This leads to better balance and stability. In fact, most sports and other physical activities depend on stable core muscles.

To summarise, core strength improves :

  • Balance

  • Stability

  • Posture

  • Running form

  • Quality of Life by boosting your power

Similarly, core values are your guiding beliefs which help you navigate through Life.

Your core values add meaning to your Life and bring:

  • Balance

  • Stability

  • Harmony

  • Purpose

They are the “North stars” which power your decisions and boost your passion to achieve your success goals.

How does this help you in Sales?

Think about it.

Who are you as a “Seller”?

What are the core values which guide you when you Sell?

Are you the competitive “win the deal at any cost” kind of Seller?

Or the one who wants to win “With” and “For” the customer?

Are you the slick talker, the “pushy” guy whose focus is your quota and not the human you are selling to?

Are you a Peddler or a catalyst transforming your customer’s Life?

Are you a “safe Seller” who is resistant to change the way things are done?

OR a Challenger who questions the status quo for the benefit your customer?

Do you see Sales as just another job


Do you see it as an opportunity to delight your customer by solving their problems?

Do you see Sales as a unique gift and an opportunity to change the world – one customer at a time?

At your core, who are you when you Sell?

Because- Who are you is How you Sell.

If your highest value is to serve and add value to people’s lives, that is what will guide you in all your Sales interactions.

Let your core guide you, power you and Inspire you to be a better person and a better Seller.

Weave your core values into your work and Life.

Embrace them…

Own them…

Embody them…


Live by them.

That is when you will truly be an Inspired person and an Inspired Seller.

Who are you as a Seller?

Who You Are is How You Sell

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