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Take Your Personal Brand from Unknown to the Stakeholders' Beloved.

Updated: Mar 2

The marathoner's mindset is the single crucial element we need to take our personal brand from being unknown to the stakeholders' beloved.

To make this journey from invisibility to belovedness, we must be crystal clear about our purpose, vision and values.

This is where many take their eyes off the ball.

As our brand gains visibility and influence, our short term goals will change.

But unless they fit into the broader framework offered by our vision and values, it will threaten the sustainability and more importantly, our brand's authenticity.

What daily practices are helping you build the marathoner mindset?

My top three are:

1. Daily content + engagement with the express purpose of supporting women with their leadership journeys

2. Focused Learning to grow my vision & goals

2. Asking the question: Does this choice take my brand closer to my goals and vision or away from it?

To read more from Rehka Saleela Nair, visit her LinkedIn here.

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