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My Personal Transformation Through My Musical Journey

Updated: Mar 2

I had always thought about myself as an evolved, mature person because I was a successful corporate Leader, a mother and family woman.

I had always wanted to learn music but never found the time due to my academic pursuits and later my career. Added to that, my mother did not take my singing seriously and told me to focus on my academics without any distractions.

When I turned 50, I realised that there was no turning back the clock and no point in living a Life of regrets. It is better to do what you can now than regret that you didn’t, for the rest of your Life.

So, I found a music teacher and to say that she is brilliant is an understatement. I set out to find a teacher and instead found a Life coach & Mentor. A guide who shared Life lessons though music.

When I started my vocal practice, I found myself unable to practice for more than 15 minutes. Because, I had always believed that constant action is the only way to grow and achieve in the corporate world.

🎵🎵 From music and through my teacher, I received the “gift” of sitting in stillness and letting the music pour into my soul.

Lessons From My Musical Journey

🎸🎸 Know who you are

I realized that only when you know who you are, are you able to render your music with complete authenticity and truth. The purity of your soul reflects in the emotions you express through the song.

🎯❤️ Audience connect

I learnt that the best presentations and speeches are of no use if you cannot connect with your audience. Your knowledge or talent will not serve you unless you use them to understand the pulse of the audience and cater to it.

🎼🎹 The outcome is not always under your control

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the song doesn’t turn out as you would like it to. You may miss a note or pause longer than required. That does not mean you have failed. It means you are getting better because you can now recognize your mistakes. And the first step to getting better is to know where you went wrong.

⛰🌋 Face & Act on your fears

Don’t be afraid of scaling new peaks or swimming in deep waters. As I navigated the distance between high scales & beat (taal), I learnt that I did not need to fear that my voice would crack, or I would miss the beat. Instead of avoiding my fears, I needed to face them head on and practice till I got better. And then, the miracle happened. The door opened and my fears vanished.

Life is a beautiful symphony, and you need to live it with inspiration and mindfulness to experience the true joy of Living.

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