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She Sells:The Journey to Sales Leadership never runs smooth

Updated: Mar 2

I was fresh out of MBA and started my first job in a leading consulting firm. I was given the assignment of conducting a survey of 100 pharma companies regarding a new product launch. The timeline was 45 days to complete the survey forms, collate the results and share the recommendations report with the client.

In those days, there were no online surveys or Google forms ( 30 years ago). So, I went from company to company and physically filled out the forms. Some contacts gave me appointments immediately, some made me wait for hours, some didn't even respond to my calls or visits.

I managed to complete all the form's in 30 days and carried them with me while travelling on the local train back home to Malad, Mumbai.Since the train was crowded, I put the forms in the luggage rack on top.

When I got down at Malad station, I realised the forms had been left behind and the train had left towards Borivali. I panicked, rushed to Borivali in an auto . However, could not manage to locate the train or get the forms, despite all my efforts.

Disappointed and upset, I went to office the next day and told my Manager what had transpired.

To my shock, she didn't sympathise with me. Just told me in a matter of fact manner,"Chitra, you have 15 days. Get the job done".

I didn't have a clue where or how to start ..the 100 forms seemed like a looming mountain of challenges.

Of one thing I was sure- the client would get the report on time as committed.

I worked overtime , connected with the same companies again , explained the situation honestly and managed to get fresh forms ..all in a record time of 14 days.

I had one day left and an entire report with findings & recommendations to type. I was technologically challenged, hence had to get help to type out the report.

We worked from 7 am in the morning till 5 pm non stop and somehow managed to type, print and bind the report for delivery. The deadline was the same day. I frantically called the client at 5 pm and told him that I was going to deliver the report to him personally by 6 pm.

He assured me that it was fine if I delivered it the next day. However, I insisted that we ( my company) would deliver as committed on the D day.

I arrived at his office at 6 pm as everybody was leaving for the day. And finally handed over the completed report.

The client was so happy with our work that he gave us another larger and more profitable project to handle.

Lessons I learnt - never give up.

When you think it's the end, just go one step further.

Success follows determination and hard work.

The resilient don't view failure as the end. It is the stepping stone to success.

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Maya Sabina Jennifer
Maya Sabina Jennifer

Loved that. So inspiring.

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