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Inspiring Women Sales Leaders

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

What does it take to Succeed and Lead as a Woman in Sales?

We sat down with some of the most inspiring Women Sales Leaders and asked them to share the key lessons they've learned over the decades they've worked and led in Sales. Resilience, empathy, willingness to learn, and persistence: all these traits and more are demonstrated by every single woman on this list.

We are proud to share the insights of these powerful women who are shaping the future of Sales. Get ready to get inspired!

1. Pallavi Jha

“Selling is both art and a scientific process. At the core of selling is influence which is enhanced when it is done through inter-personal relationships.

Such relationships are guided by an artful skill to connect, engage and motivate one’s prospects.

The best salespeople develop a personal system and continuously improve on it to master the sales process. They learn how to apply the process artfully to become and remain the top performers.”

- Pallavi Jha, Managing Director, Dale Carnegie India

2. Priya Sachdev

"For all things associated often with being a women would be the things that will make u excel in sales. So Woman Up and keep selling!

I have always believed myself to be a salesperson first and a women in sales second.

I have realised that women naturally have the traits of empathy and being consultative and this has really been my advantage.

While many may think sales is a high pressure role I learnt early that a healthy pipeline is all you need to succeed. So if there is one tip I can share with all I would say ABP - always be prospecting!

- Priya Sachdev, Chief Customer Officer, Vengreso

3. Pritha Dubey

Pritha is a Marshall Goldsmith certified Leadership Coach, Leaders Excellence Certified Instructor℠, Former Dale Carnegie Trainer, Certified Personal Brand Consultant, and an Official Member Forbes Coaches Council.

Here's what she had to say to SalesWomentoring:

“My approach - To sell is to serve. Meet a customer not with the thought of what's in it for me but always think, what's in it for you?

I believe all sales people should be high on Sales intelligence Quotient.”

- Pritha Dubey, Managing Partner and Chief Mentor, Success Vitamin

4. Sonal Shah

"You don’t have to be a natural born salesperson to succeed in the world of sales. Self-Improvement and success often occur together. But that doesn’t mean they’re the same thing. What works of being a successful saleswoman, are a combination of attributes and attitude one possesses. A combination of agility, self -discipline, and being respectful will take you a long way.

Sales is a process of developing a relationship and more importantly a trust between the customer and you, adapting to a changing environment is key.

One’s upbringing plays an important role. During my childhood my father told me –“do not limit your ambitions and desires” if you feel you’re doing the right thing just go ahead and do it even if people think it’s a boy thing to do. This made me confident and fearless.

Today’s corporate world is challenging considering women are outnumbered, which must get you thinking then why sales and how can one survive it? You learn to become a hustler of sorts - putting your best foot forward and do what it takes. It’s like one is an embodiment of the NIKE tagline ‘just do it’

While one needs to learn to be humble and eager to learn new things which will harness your skills, be bold to stand up against opposition and demand to be treated as an equal.

To be a successful sales woman all you need is confidence, passion and dedication!

Woman leadership is a huge responsibility to shoulder, where one lands up grooming and shaping up careers of your team members. Inculcating what has worked for you and making sure the team is aligned with your vision does take you a long way.

Like the famous quote from Coco Chanel –'in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.'"

- Sonal Shah, Nation Head of Sales, Zee Entertainment

5. Roshni Baronia

Roshni Baronia is the founder of RB Consulting, Author of Revolutionise Your Sales Mindset, host of Ace the Sales Podcast, and this month she will be joining SalesWomentoring as a Mentor!

Roshni has over 12 years of experience in launching, managing, and growing two small businesses, facilitating high-impact initiatives, coaching business leaders, and consulting non-profits.

"If more Women are in Leadership roles, we'll stop assuming they shouldn't be.” -Sheryl Sandberg

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