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Here’s the Secret to Selling Better Than Ever Before

Updated: Mar 1

What’s the most important thing in your business? The customer. Here's how to win them over.

You’ve done everything to grow your sales and boost your revenue, but nothing has paid off.

You’ve watched hundreds of videos and attended countless webinars, but you still struggle to meet your quotas.

The idea of selling your product or service still fills you with fear and dread.

If any of this sounds like you, we have the solution: Inspired selling.

Being an inspired seller will give you an unbeatable edge, but becoming an inspired seller is not easy. Our community was created to make the tools for inspired selling accessible to anyone who dares to dream!

Inspired selling is all about doing things differently, and leading with empathy, authenticity and innovation.

This month, we have curated a unique event for our inspired sellers. We have partnered up with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Expert and Master Practitioner Nikhil Damle to bring you a novel workshop exclusively for our members!

How does an understanding of NLP help you sell better? Selling is all about people. Whether you sell in person, on the phone, or even digitally with no personal interactions with your buyers, this workshop will help you understand your prospects and customers in ways your competitor never could.

How does NLP drive Sales?

Here are the top 5 NLP techniques that can help you sell better:

  1. NLP Sales Phrases: compelling, resonant phrases that capture your buyers attention and persuade them to take action

  2. Body Language: being mindful of your non-verbal cues can help put your audience at ease and make them more receptive to your pitch

  3. Active Listening: Active listening helps you understand your customers core values, helping you to align your pitch to the person.

  4. Positive Affirmations: Using positive language and actions to keep your customers engaged and interested

  5. Mirroring: Build trust and establish rapport with your prospect by learning the art of reflective posture - subtly matching your prospects body language, mannerisms and words.

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