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6 Sales Lessons from Love

A Valentine's Day Special

It is the season of Love - though Love sees and knows no reason or season -and I was wondering why so many women get so excited by flowers, roses and rings (preferably solitaires).

After all, Love is not the expensive gifts or flowers. It is the daily actions and affirmations that you make which makes it last. Yet roses and diamond rings seem to be the everlasting symbols of Love.

And then I saw the light. It dawned upon me that Love is abstract. It can be felt, experienced but it cannot be seen. It is a known fact that the human mind is attracted to visual elements. Pictures and illustrations have a far greater impact on retention and emotional response than any other sensory stimulus. That’s why rings, roses – visual symbols of Love create a strong emotional response and lasting impact on relationships.

Visuals effectively create an emotional response, which is important since emotions are the basis for up to 80 percent of a person’s decisions. Emotions are the basis for all buying decisions too, which we justify with logical reasons.

You must be wondering what Sales has to do with Love. Well, I see Sales learnings everywhere (sigh).

Getting to the point, the basics of Love relationships are the same as those for Sales relationships.

  • Keep your promises. Never make a promise you can’t deliver upon. Don’t break your promises or you will be left with a trust deficit which be almost impossible to fill.

  • Be honest. Just like infidelity is almost always a deal breaker in Love, dishonesty is a deal breaker in Sales.

  • Eye contact & active listening in conversations. While talking to your partner, eye contact & being fully present is the key to building a deep connection. Give the person a chance to speak and listen to what their challenge is before jumping in with your solutions. Need I say more ?

  • Body language. The most important aspect of communication is the body language (55 %) and tone of voice 38%). The non verbal aspect of communication is more impactful than the words or language. This is the same for sales conversations where your body language & tone must convey positivity & enthusiasm.

  • Ask for the sale. In a relationship, asking for what you want simplifies and demystifies the relationship. Because the two people involved may want different things & may not be able to understand what is going on in the others mind. So, make it simple- ask. In Sales, ask for the deal. Ask to understand. Ask to clarify, ask to ensure that the client & you are on the same page.

  • KISS The kiss seals the deal in Love! And in Sales - avoid convoluted talk. Keep it straight, simple and on point to seal the deal.

Follow these simple tips and I am sure both your partner & your clients will Love you.

Happy Selling and Happy Valentine's Day from the Inspired Sellers @SalesWomentoring! I hope you are Inspired to buy the roses and love selling more after reading this.

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