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Strategies for Sales Confidence

Updated: Mar 1

Imagine being the kind of person who can walk into a room - or pick up the phone, or log into a zoom call - and sell with confidence.

This level of Sales performance is possible - but how can YOU achieve it?

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The answer seems simple:


But why do you need confidence in the first place? And how can you build it? Find out in this week's edition of the Virtual Sales Mentor!

Why Do You Need Confidence to Sell?

Over the past two decades, I have worked with countless sales professionals, founders, coaches and entrepreneurs, and they all have one problem in common: a sudden aversion to asking for the sale. When the moment to close the sale arrives, they find themselves dithering. What is causing this hesitation? A lack of confidence.

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The Role of Sales Confidence

When you sell, confidence comes into play in several crucial ways.

  • Confidence in yourself

  • Confidence in your product

  • Transfer of confidence from seller to buyer

  • Confidence in a shared win

Confidence in Yourself

Confidence in yourself and who you can be is a non-negotiable in the world of sales. You must believe that you are the best person to solve your customers problem, and be confident that this belief is rooted in fact, not delusion.

Some people like to say confidence is more important than competence. While there is some truth in this, a better way of looking at it is that confidence comes from competence! True confidence in yourself comes from putting the work in, building your skillset, and doing whatever it takes to become the best.

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Confidence in Your Product

What happens when you don't have complete confidence in your product or service? Your customers will sense your hesitation, and you will spend the entire sales call struggling to quash doubts that you have created in the customers mind!

You need to believe in your product so much that it becomes infectious, helping your customers overcome their own doubts and start to believe in your product.

How can you grow more confident in your product?

  • Learn your product's features and benefits thoroughly

  • Perfect your pitch and practice answering challenging questions

  • Read manuals, attend training classes, and use the product yourself until you know it in and out.

  • Follow industry trends to build your confidence that customers want what you're selling

  • Work with a sales coach or mentor to build your confidence

Transfer of Confidence

So you've put the work in to build your confidence in yourself and your product - but it still isn't enough!

The real magic happens when you transfer that confidence from yourself to the customer, converting them from a skeptic to a supporter! Your customer starts to believe that your product, service or solution is the best option there is.

Most importantly, they start to believe that YOU are the best person to solve their problem. But why would they believe that?

Confidence in a Shared Win

If you want to win at any cost, your competitive approach will put the customer on their guard and they will negotiate from a place of doubt and disbelief.

The key to a customer putting their confidence in you is a collaborative approach. This can only happen if you are confident about winning together, and proactively finding solutions that benefit both sides.

To succeed at selling, you must practice a combination of personal and product confidence

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