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Don’t Quit: What Can Organisations Do to Create a More Equal World for Women in the Workforce?

Updated: Mar 2

Though there has been much progress made towards Diversity & Inclusion, we have a long way to go. As per the World Economic Forum’s gender Gap report, it will take another 200 years before we close the global gender gap. Covid has only amplified pre-existing gaps and women have borne the burden disproportionately due to job losses, challenges due to inadequate health & child care support and increased domestic work.

In my last article on 20 million women quitting the workforce in the past 5 years, I had talked about what we as women can do to “remain” in the workforce.

While individual action is required, collective action on the part of organisations, corporate Leaders & the entire eco system is what will lead to sustainable change.

In order to ensure that we have more women in the workforce and as Leaders, DEI has to be part of the DNA of the organisation with complete commitment from the senior management.

Beyond metrics & measures, it has to percolate from the top to be inculcated in the core values of an organisation. It also makes business sense as higher representation of women in the C suite leads to 34 % higher returns to shareholders.

Some of my suggestions :

  • Setting, Measuring & tracking D & I goals

  • Gender bias & sensitisation workshops

  • Educate & Encourage employees to adopt gender neutral language right from JD’s for hiring to the boardroom

  • Equitable work policies including child care support & Flexible work arrangements (FWA)

  • Regular DEI audits to enable design of a progressive Diversity Strategy

  • Provide women employees with mentors & sponsors to accelerate their progress towards Leadership roles

  • Sponsors play a pivotal role by providing women with access to information on progression opportunities and the skills required to qualify

  • Training & mentorship with the objective to equip women with the “must have skills” for progressing to the next role

What are your views on what organisations can do to ensure women remain in the workforce?

The collective voice is a force multiplier for transformational change. Here is your chance to use your voice for progress…to use your voice for equality.

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