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Welcome to India's First & Only Community Inspiring Women to Succeed at Selling.

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Meet Chitra Singh!

the Founder and Chief Mentor @SalesWomentoring

Chitra Singh is a Sales Mentor & Inspirer with 3 decades of expertise in leading & scaling high performance Sales teams in some of India's largest Banks like Kotak & ICICI.

She has a proven track record of achieving over 100% of her targets in all her assignments.


Chitra is now a Community Nurturer Keynote Speaker, Blogger and Podcast Host.


She is also National President pf the WICCI Sales and Business Development council and a certified Sales expert with Voila experts

She is a Diversity champion & a Positive Aging advocate.

Her purpose & passion are to mentor women to negotiate confidently for what they deserve at work & in Life.

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For: All Women 

Get three tips to transform your sales in a FREE 20 Minute Session with our Mentors and Coaches. 


For: All Women

A bundle of 4 sessions.  Customised solutions for your Sales & Work-Life challenges. 


For: Business Owners 

Get expert advice and guidance for Entrepreneurs, Start-Up Founders & Woman-Led Businesses. 


For: All Women

A single Mentoring Session. 

For your Sales & Leadership Challenges. 

Testimonials & Success Stories

"Chitra not just got down to granular details of sales planning, deals conversations, specifics like ROI, strengthening the pitch and LinkedIn profile but also kept sharing her multi-dimensional perspective on life and giving a lot of strength. Heartfelt gratitude and love to Chitra for enabling us to Sell with a lot of Belief! 💛"

Digital Scale Strategist | Advisor to CEOs/CXOs/Founders | Chair - 100 Board Members League

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Certified, customised Sales programs designed by experienced Sales Leaders to  enable you to achieve Sales Success and revenue growth.

Sales Beginners Program

Our Sales Certification Program tailored for Entry-Level Professionals

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Our Sales Certification Program tailored for Mid-Level  Sales Professionals

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A Structured One-on-One Mentoring Program tailored for Senior Sales Professionals

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