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Develop Your Executive Presence
Develop Your Executive Presence

Sat, 26 Aug


Online Workshop

Develop Your Executive Presence

Discover the power of Executive Presence and effective exercises to master it in this exclusive workshop led by Kavitha Garla, a seasoned Business Development Consultant, Moderator, Anchor, and Coach.

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Time & Location

26 Aug, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm IST

Online Workshop

About the Event

Executive presence makes up 26% of what will take a leader to the next level.* 

Great leaders exhude confidence. They have a knack for and staying calm under pressure, maintaining a strong reputation, and radiating their belief in a vision.

🌟 98% of leaders weren’t born with executive presence*, they have cultivated it. 

We are here to show you how. 

Join us for this workshop to level up your Executive Presence with Kavitha Garla, an experienced Business Development Consultant, Moderator, Anchor, and Coach! 🌟

🎯 Session Overview 🎯

This session aims to enhance your skills in verbal and nonverbal presence, as well as social presence, in order to project a strong and influential image as a leader.

📌 1. Understand the Importance of Executive Presence: Explore the significance of executive presence in professional settings. 

📌 2. Nonverbal Presence: Discover the impact of body language, facial expressions, and gestures on your executive presence 🤝💼🗣️ 

Understand how to project confidence, credibility, and authority through nonverbal cues 💪✨👤

📌 3. Verbal Presence: Enhance your public speaking abilities to command attention and convey ideas confidently 🎙️💬💡 

Learn techniques to articulate your thoughts clearly and succinctly 🗣️📝✅

📌 4. Social Presence: Understand how to build rapport and establish strong connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders through your verbal and nonverbal communication skills 🤝👥💬  

Learn about active listening, effective networking, and fostering positive relationships. 👂🌐💖

👩‍💼 About The Speaker👩‍💼

Kavitha Garla is a multi-faceted professional known for her exceptional communication skills, passion for enabling others, and innate talent for networking. With over 25 years of diverse work experience in industries ranging from IT to healthcare, Kavitha's journey has been nothing short of transformative. 🌟

🌟 Breaking Stereotypes, Embracing New Challenges 🌟

But Kavitha's story doesn't stop there. Breaking stereotypes and embracing new challenges, she pursued a modeling career just before turning 50. Her successful shoots for Taneira and Arnav jewelry exemplify her belief that age is just a number and that one can accomplish anything with the right mindset. 💃💍✨

💼 Head of Business Development and Networking Leader 💼

As Head of Business Development for a training organization, Kavitha combined her passion for sales and problem-solving. Recognized as a Networking Leader, she thrived in building deep relationships and creating innovative solutions. 🤝🚀

📚 Mentorship, Training, and Interview Series 📚

Kavitha's commitment to personal growth led her to mentorship and training. Today, she hosts her own interview series on passion and purpose while anchoring workshops for aspiring thought leaders. 🗣️💡

💎 Integrity, Passion, and Uplifting Expertise 💎

With Kavitha, you'll find a professional who brings integrity, passion, and a proven ability to uplift individuals and businesses. 🌟🤝

*Source 1: Coqual, formerly the Center for Talent Innovation

**Source 2: Sally Williamson & Associates

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