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Are You Facing Challenges in Hiring and Retaining Women in Sales?

Women Led Sales Teams Have a 94% Quota Achievement Rate - 3% Higher Than Male Led Teams!

However, Corporate HR and Diversity leaders often struggle to hire and retain talented women in sales due to misconceptions about the role and high attrition rates. These challenges are compounded by a lack of female role models in sales leadership, making it difficult for women to envision a long-term career in this field.

SalesWomentoring Offers Tailored, Impactful Solutions Specifically Designed to Boost the Recruitment and Retention of Women in Sales Roles.

Our Services Include

Transformative Learning Journeys 

Address specific career and life stage needs with programs designed for women re-entering the workforce or aiming to advance their careers


Simplify the recruitment process with our bespoke solutions, attracting skilled and motivated women to your sales teams.


Benefit from the guidance of experienced women mentors who understand the unique challenges faced by women in sales.

Supportive Sales 

Encourage women to excel through an engaged network of peers and leaders, fostering confidence and leadership skills.

Book a Free Discovery Call to learn more about how we can tailor our services to meet your specific sales challenges.

Why Partner with SalesWomentoring?

Transformative Approach

We don't just train. We transform mindsets. We enable sales professionals to unlearn unproductive habits and limiting behaviour to unlock the super seller within them.

Tailored Interventions

Our programs are crafted to close skill gaps and enhance both sales effectiveness and leadership acumen, through practical techniques and actionable insights

Partner with Us in Creating a More Gender Diverse and Inclusive Work Force

Together we can focus on transforming and inspiring women through their different life and career stages to choose, thrive, succeed and Lead in Sales.

Schedule Your Free Discovery Call today to explore how our customised solutions can address your organization’s unique needs.

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